Peg’s talk on interviewing was informative; I particularly liked her tip on double-barreled questions for children or nervous interviewees. If we decide to go the interview route with our group project, we will most likely be interviewing people who are not interviewed regularly, so this pointer will be helpful.

As a result of our last class, I am now using Scribefire and following Guy Kawasaki on Twitter; I’m not sure if these are helpful additions to my life. Guy’s links are informative, but distracting: he just tweets too often and is dominating my feed. How can I read what my mom ate for lunch if Guy pushes her off the screen before I can get to it? However, I have come across quite a few relevant links and resources in the midst of the clutter, so I think I’ll keep following him. I have had trouble getting what I write in Scribefire to upload to my blog, but it is a really great tool in theory; I just need to straighten out the kinks.

I just started a new internship at One of the elements that the founders hope to eventually incorporate is short, user-generated videos of people cooking the recipes found the site. This is not quite the same as podcasting, but it has similar elements and I am excited to see where they go with this. Since the site also has a blog component, an actual podcast/videocast feature seems like it might fit in well.