Because our podcast focuses on exploring Seattle, I listened to podcasts that cover the sights and sounds of various cities. The two that are the most relevant are “Houston Ultimate Downtown Tour” and “City A Go Go.”

The host of “Houston Ultimate Downtown Tour” is a Houston native, and his mission is to overcome the redneck-Texan stereotype that many people have of Houston. He wants to show the listener what makes Houston unique, whether you’re a “lifelong Houstonian or from out of town.” Essentially, it’s an hour-long audio walking tour of the city: he gives you a starting location and even includes a safety disclaimer for crossing the street; I like this interactive aspect and want to incorporate it into our podcast. The host provides history, trivia, and excellent descriptions of the scenes; even though I’m sitting in an apartment in Seattle, I feel like I’m walking around downtown Houston. The great sound effects (camera click, kids at fountain, birds in a park) add to this. Even though this podcast features Houston instead of Seattle, therefore is not direct competition, we could pattern certain elements of our podcast on this one. It’s informal, tightly-produced, and educational. If I lived in or visited Houston, this would be a fantastic resource.

The second is “City A Go Go,” a 5-minute videocast from the Seattle Channel. This episode presents a new coffee shop on Queen Anne, a local band, a local artist and a monthly belly-dancing show, giving each 30 seconds to a minute of time. The locations are a little more casual than those we want to report on (ours will provide listeners with a fun weekend destination rather than a new place to drink coffee or socialize), but its the same concept. We will go into each location more in depth, making each segment 5 minutes. Another difference is that the audience of “City A Go Go” is the hardened Seattleite looking to try something new, while ours is mainly aimed at new residents and tourists. In one way, they will be stiff competition: they have video! However, this will just encourage us to pump up our audio production value.