Time Magazine thinks that Twitter is a waste of time. According to an unscientific poll, 89% of the country believes Twitter is a waste of time while only 11% believes that it is beneficial. This doesn’t surprise me too much, though . Twitter is an emerging technology, and not everyone has embraced it. However, Time also broke the survey down by state. I would think that the more liberal and tech-savvy the state, the more open they would be to new technology. Furthermore, I would expect the more conservative states to oppose “socialist” social media. In actuality, whether a state swings red or blue has nothing to do with their residents’ views on Twitter.

100% of respondents in Maine, Rhode Island, Alaska, Hawaii, South Carolina, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, Wyoming and Idaho believe it’s a waste of time. However, 70% of Nebraska, 67% of Delaware and Montana, and just 60% of North Dakota feel this way. I don’t think of North Dakota as being much more than nuclear weapons, snow and cows, but apparently those cows are having a ball letting their friends know what they had for lunch (grass). Twitter has a 9% approval rating in its home state of California and 8% in MCDM’s home state of Washington.

Time magazine is a well-respected new source, though their survey methods may be questionable. Their 100 most influential people of 2009 poll drew criticism for naming Christopher “Moot” Poole of 4chan.org as the most influential person of 2009. Besides, an unscientific survey doesn’t prove anything. The press claims to be the only legitimate source of news, but by publishing results that may or may not be correct, Time isn’t living up to a true journalistic standard.

So, I’m going to do my own unscientific poll. What do you think?