I changed the design of my blog a few weeks ago after we discussed Annie’s blog, Social Potato Chips. There were several reasons for this. For starters, my title was boring: “Helen’s blog.” In addition, it did not give any indication as to the blog’s content. “Helen’s blog” could be about politics or knitting or ceramic cat collecting. Plus, “Helen” implies geriatric grandmother, not digital media savant. I wanted a title that would convey both that the blog is about digital/social media as well as that digital/social media represents a radical change in communication.

Another outcome of that particular class was that I started categorizing my posts, which has improved the organization. I also added a few more widgets to make it a little more interactive; this includes a blogroll of my classmate’s blogs and the ones I am following. I will start making my tags a little more varied, a search within a search. My font is already sans-serif, though it is grey on white, so I am looking for a way to make it a solid black. I like grey, but agree that it is not easy on the eyes.

My header has undergone a few transformations since I created my blog back in April. Basically, every time I learn something new in Photoshop I change it. As I develop a personal brand, I will try to keep it consistent, but for now I am having fun experimenting.