The Medium is a blog in the sense that it is a collection of related articles posted in reverse chronological order with a section for comments. There are no categories or tags, meaning that the content is not easily searchable. The text is white on black, but uses a serifed font (Times New Roman), which I suppose is not too surprising considering the blog comes from the New York Times, though is not ideal for usability. The content stays in fairly close allegiance to the genre (the convergence of TV and internet) but does not demonstrate a true acceptance of what she reports, meaning the audience is non-technophiles wanting to learn more (but not too much more) about current technology trends.

Neither of my podcasts have corresponding blogs, so I will review Grammar Girl instead. Her blog provides searchable meta data for her podcast, including episode date, name, number and transcript. There is a comment space, and again, the entries are in reverse chronological order, though I don’t see any categories or tags either. Her text is black (Times New Roman again) on peach, which is easy enough to read; however her links are light blue, which is painful on the eyes on the pinkish background. She sounds young and hip and makes pop culture references, making me think that her audience is young, professional (or academic) women looking for an entertaining way to enhance their writing. The content of the episode I listened to wasn’t about grammar (it was how to tactfully remove/replace curse words in writing) though was still relevant to serious writers.