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This was my first quarter in the MCDM program and I recognize how much I’ve grown in the realm of digital and social media in the past two months. I entered the term excited to learn more about web-based communication but recognized that I didn’t know much. I did not follow any blogs other than the public journals of friends and family, and certainly didn’t listen to any podcasts. The podcasts and blogs that I chose to follow at the beginning of the quarter are not what I would have selected now; every one of them stems from a traditional source of media: The New York Times, NPR, KEXP and PBS. I picked these because that was what I was familiar with. However, as the quarter progressed and I was exposed to more and more purely web-based platforms, I started to look outside of the traditional media bubble. I now read Jeremiah Owyang’s blog and Mashable and subscribe to podcasts that teach me about topics I am interested in, like Inside Digital Media, One Minute Russian (a nod to my undergraduate degree) and Beer is Tasty, two regular guys with a camera who show that amateurs can be just as entertaining and informative as the pros.

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I had a brain freeze this past week and forgot to write my last two assigned blog posts. I don’t know how it happened. Once I realized my mistake, I desperately tried to correct it but found I had a case of writer’s block. In despair, I just Googled “podcasting.”

Why didn’t I do this earlier?

What I found was an excellent resource for podcasting. Podcasting Tools has graphics like this one: , FAQs, validators, directories, forums, how-to’s, history, and more. It’s one-stop shopping for all of your podcasting needs. I am really excited to use the graphics they next time my internship asks me to post a podcast.

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Mushroom Curry and Nut Pilau

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Episode 1: June 2, 2009
length: 8:13

In this installment, Helen pairs a mushroom curry and nut pilau with the Baron Brewing Company’s Schwartzbier. The schwartzbier is a crisp, slightly sour dark lager that soothes the flame of the spicy curry.

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