Our first assignment for Theories and Practices of Interactivity is to find two examples of design, one good and one bad.

The Good

He;en's Good Design Example

Memoirs of a Palate is an example of good design because it is clean and simple. There is plenty of blank space, and no offending colors. The narration is kept to a minimum (which is really rare for a food blog), allowing the recipe and the image to speak for themselves. Though ordinarily white type on a grey background would strain the eyes, the sparsity of text make it unexpected, and elegant; because the viewer does not need to do much reading, white-on-grey is acceptable.

The Bad

Helen's Bad Design Example

The Mom Blogs is a bad example on many levels. First, it is cluttered: the images and text run together with minimal space between them. The spacing of the text is a mess- there is no extra room between the initial “are you a mom that blogs?” question and the next paragraph. A text ad blends into the first two paragraphs, which is cramped by the large ad to its right, making the viewer feel claustrophobic. Plus, the space between the first image in the left-hand margin and the image directly below it is disproportionately large. The writer emphasizes the word “blogs” by making the font bold and larger than the rest, with the effect that it stands out to the point of distraction.  The uneven placement of the words “home,” “kids,” “work,” “marriage,” and “life” in the header makes the viewer’s eye jump wildly with no real focus. Scrolling down the page reveals even more incongruity:

Helen's Bad Example Continued

Finally, the pervasive pepto-bismol pink makes the viewer believe that they must have killed a flamingo in a past life to deserve this kind of visual punishment. Yuck.