This desk includes a built in computer screen. The dimensions of the desk are 3.5′ x 2′ x 2.5′


1. The computer screen: the computer screen is a 12″ monitor, selected because it is not too big to block people’s view of the classroom but not too small as to have poor usability. It is a flat screen fixed towards the back of the desk.

2. A panel with a cover that controls the functions of the desk.

3. The desk has adjustable feet to adjust the height of the desk: taller people may want it higher, while shorter people may want it lower.

4. The keyboard is sunk into the surface and has a retractable cover, controlled by the control panel. Therefore, if people do not wish to type, they can close the cover and use the space to write. The keyboard has a laptop-style trackpad to avoid adding another element of complexity, the mouse.