“Choose a task you consider relevant in the current Media Space, which can be improved.” We probably would have been given this assignment whether or not Scott had so enthusiastically expressed interest on Monday night in performing it outside of class as homework, but, regardless, my goal is to find Scott’s blog in the Media Space so that I can express my outrage by writing a mean and nasty comment.

To find Scott’s blog, I currently need to take the following steps:

MediaSpace Current

What this diagram does not visually show is that My Friends’ Blogs and All Site Blogs are organized in reverse chronological order by entry. This means that the user needs to scroll through entire blog posts in order to find what he or she is looking for.

I have redesigned it to include a search function to bring Scott’s blog to me much faster:

MediaSpace ReDesign

My version has blogs listed in alphabetical order by name in the My Friends’ Blogs and All Site Blogs section, eliminating the need to scroll through copious text. Simply click the link to the appropriate blog and comment away.

Use Case of the Improved Version

Step 1: User logs in.

Step 2: User clicks on the “Blogs” link on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: User selects “All Site Blogs” OR User enters “Scott L.” into the search box.

Step 4: User selects “Scott L.” from an alphabetical list of names.

Step 5: User leaves a succinct comment on Scott’s blog.

PS- I am only kidding about using MediaSpace to write angry comments on classmates’ blogs. That sort of passive-aggressive action is what Twitter is for.