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You can view our final paper by clicking this link:

It’s a big file but it’s totally worth it.


If I wanted to follow John Maeda‘s advice, I would reduce the assignment from 800 words to 8 bullet points. Simplify.

  1. K.I.S.S.
  2. Messes can be cleaned up
  3. Think outside the box (or the basket)
  4. Cumbersome design makes unenjoyable tasks even more so
  5. Things that you accept as they are because that’s how they’ve always been can sometimes be made better
  6. It helps to know where you want to end up before you begin
  7. Good products are about more than just tools: they are lifestyles
  8. Even the XBox can be boring when you turn play into a science

But that’s fairly cryptic, and a poorly-designed attempt to synthesize the course, as it does not effectively convey the purpose of this assignment. Allow me to expand. Read the rest of this entry »

Our final Electric Mirror Paper and presentation for Electric Mirror. Plus some pictures of the process. Read the rest of this entry »