I’m a history buff, and as they say about history, “You must learn the past so you don’t repeat it.” Or in some cases, recognize what works so you can repeat the good parts.

As different as online media are from the printing press or the telegraph, they are essentially the same: communications technologies. We haven’t migrated completely to digital communication yet, and odds are slim that we will be completely digital within any of our lifetimes. Still, print is dying. I’m interested to know what things have already successfully made the jump from print to computer, and why and how they did so.

Essenially, my learning goal is a string of “why’s”: discover why things happened the way they did to get a better understanding of why we are where we are. It’s cool that Google is the largest search engine in the world, but I remember the days of Lycos, Go.com and Yahoo!, when Google wasn’t even on the radar. Why did Google surpass these other perfectly-useful search engines?

I’m currently an intern at a start-up, and I imagine I will make a career out of websites, in one way or another. Knowing what works and having some vague idea of where things are headed will be extremely useful.